BT Openreach news

The regulator hopes the new set up will lead to faster broadband speeds.

More investment in the Openreach network, better service for BT’s rivals

their customers, a better digital deal for UK plc.

It’s a big but, while Openreach will be a legally separate entity within the BT Group.

It will still be under the latter’s 100 per cent ownership. While Openreach will control its budget, BT sets it.

Openreach will have its own board. BT appoints the board.

The chief executive of Openreach will report to Openreach’s chairman. But there will be “accountability to the BT group chief executive with regards to certain legal and fiduciary duties that are consistent with BT’s responsibilities as a listed company”.

If all that gives you a headache, and makes you wonder if this will actually change anything beyond creating a bit of work for people in taking the BT logo off Openreach vans, well, you’re not alone.

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