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This Month in Telecoms: December 2017

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Let’s take a look at some of the biggest stories in telecoms for the month of December.
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To clarify BT will sell Openreach, says Ofcom

 Competitors want Openreach out.
The Independent Online

Ofcom chief Sharon White says the UK’s broadband provision market has to change

The head of regulator Ofcom has suggested that BT
are to sell off its Openreach business.

The delight of its rivals who claim the wholesale service, which supplies nearly every household,
could be uncompetitive.

The regulator’s chief executive said she was looking at four options for the future of the broadband providing service,
warning that keeping the status quo was “unlikely”.

Competitors want Openreach out as a condition of its
£12.5bn mega-merger with mobile phone operator EE,

When investiged by the Markets Authority, BT said it was not in competition but in this case issue,
but a matter for Ofcom.

Chief executive of Ofcom, Sharon White, told the BBC one option was “the structural separation” of Opeanreach from BT,
In fact this was one of four possible options being weighed up.

BT has said previously that it is the only company with enough scale to maintain the country-wide infrastructure.

All things concidered Rivals have claimed the company could either increase prices unilaterally or offer customers to BT’s
suitable services, faster speeds, although this is protected by regulations.

   When merging with EE, which was approved in October,
Some how it has revealed £1.7m of Openreach’s revenues was used to fund the deal to sum up.