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1) Home & Office Series (Hi13/17 models, coverage up to 1800 sq.m.),
2) PRO Series (Hi20/23 models, coverage up to 5500 sq.m. – powerful repeaters for large projects).

Main features of HiBoosters

1·  Amplify all types of mobile signal (2G/3G/4G)  all mobile providers in Europe; 

2.  Single, dual, tri and quint band systems covering 300 – 6000 sqm: suitable for various-size areas from small homes/offices to large malls and warehouses;

3·  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules in our NEW IOT tri-band and quint-band models, setup and remote monitoring via a mobile app;

4·  In-built indoor antenna in Home&Office tri-band and quint-band models: easy-to-install devices. Possibility to connect additional indoor antennas to enlarge coverage;

5·  Automatic / Manual Gain and Level Control functions (AGC / MGC, ALC): the booster automatically chooses the best power for your area, as well as leaves an option to adjust it manually.


All HiBoost products are CE and ROHS certified and comply with the new European RED rules (Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU): Certifications link

Who are HiBoost?

Let me introduce you to the company Teleco Solutions ltd are now in partnership with and the products jointly we will offer. Huaptec are the manufacture.


Huaptec Telecom GmbH


Huaptec is an international Company and biggest manufacturer of wide band and band selective mobile signal amplifiers under the HiBoost brand. We have branch offices in the USA, India and Europe. Huaptec Telecom GmbH is our European office with the warehouse in Hilden, Germany. 

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