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Planning & Architecture

Skilled AutoCad technicians can be expensive to employ full time, especially if they have 3D experience, when the demands for their services are not necessarily constant. This is the bases of all office designs, once a drawing has been agreed 3D visuals can be provided as if it were an actual photo of your new office, which, does not yet exist. CAD is the only way to make sure that the right number of people and storage can fit into the space provided. BC Interiors will carry out most surveys free of charge as an additional service.

Telephone Engineering

Telecommunications Engineers

If your service provider is costing over the odds just to provide a basic service then remember us at Telephone Engineering, the best place for the most common telephone faults fixes.

All your home and business problems can be identified and repaired. It can be very frustrating waiting for a telephone engineer in the UK all day so we make sure to keep in contact with you and let you know exactly when we will be with you. Any hold up such as heavy traffic or unforeseen circumstance we will let you know and update you all the way through our journey.

House renovation


BC Interiors has evolved over 30 years adapting to the ever changing needs of the client. We try to translate your vision of Business into a tangible asset, making office environments work, for the employee’s and the companies image. A good office helps take the stress out of the workplace and can improve productivity. If your requirement is for one desk, chair, cupboard or a complete refurbishment or relocation,contact us today to see if we can tailor a package to suit you, or just supply you with a desk.


There are 3 main type of ceiling, plasterboard solid, mineral board suspended , and solid metal pan. A solid ceiling looks good and clean, with modern materials, shapes and bulkheads can be incorporated into the design. Its downside is access to services and cost of installation. The true suspended ceiling offers many variations of finishes, and the added bonus of being able to run power, DATA, and wet, hot and cold systems in the ceiling void. These ceiling can incorporate various lighting fixings and even allows you to fix partitioning systems to the underside.


Raised access flooring is one of the mainstays of commercial offices. Many building do not have the infrastructure to accommodate the demands and services of a modern office. Along with a suspended ceiling, raised access flooring can offer a good solution to the problem. It also allows ease of reorganising your office, moving floor boxes incorporated in the tile to accommodate new layouts and office changes. The flooring system is robust enough to allow construction of partition on it and once again allows service to be easily run into the new partitions.

Flooring Finishes

Our flooring ranges can enhance any interior environment by offering innovative and beautifully designed flooring products boasting long life and consistent high quality. At the same time we help to take care of the natural environment through our commitment to sustainable development and responsible raw material procurement and manufacturing processes. We have a comprehensive product offer for commercial, public sector and residential interiors; recently extended as a result of our acquisition of Bonar Floors. Our collection now includes linoleum, project vinyl, carpet tiles, flocked flooring and fully integrated entrance systems. With a range of subfloor systems, and floor care products to complete this extensive and versatile portfolio, our flooring systems can deliver ‘total solutions’ for every project, assuring quality and accountability from a single supplier.

Small Projects

Interior Design – Office Environments

The workplace environment is constantly in a state of change, not only due to the demands of staff, but from commercialisation and changing technology. With the long established model of one worker to one desk working 9-to-5 no longer being appropriate.

The constant changing face of commercialisation and the advancement of technology mean that the working environment has to be able to adapt top these changes without incurring substantial costs. Flexible planned data and power supplies means office environments can alter quickly and effectively to change.

As operational and organisational aspects of a business change, requirements for space standards, technology, types of equipment used and support facilities also change.

Flexible working with an ageing population (leading to extended working lives), and the emergence of a multigenerational / multinational workforce, with rapid development of IT (and the diverse routes to access it), are creating vibrant transformations to the design of the 21st century workplace environment.

To maximise business efficiency, new designs and space strategies need to reflect the changes mentioned, creating a responsive workplace that supports business growth whilst maximising flexibility.


BC Interiors have experience in providing all types of traditional and contemporary designs of office lighting. We design and install office lighting systems throughout the commercial sector, offering our expertise to help design lighting to create ambiance, mood and a positive working environment in your offices. Lighting can help to create mood and ambiance and is a very important element when designing any office space. It is essential that desks are well lit and that client entrance areas appear warm and welcoming. It is also important when creating a professional working environment that office lighting complements the existing fixtures, fittings and style of building.

As with all of our electrical contracting services, our office lighting team are specialists and our office lighting services are completed to the highest of standards and are fully tested for safety before our electrical engineers sign the project off. New Lighting systems pay for themselves! Technology in lighting has evolved to the point that most lighting systems use only one third of the power. New low emission tubes prevent eye strain as they do not flicker. Using less power, the tubes are lasting much longer. Indirect lighting units that reflect the light of walls and ceiling which cuts down on computer screen glare. The light emitted from these lamps can simulate natural daylight, which means the contrast from office to outside is reduced, and keeps staff more alert and productive. Sensors fitted in the ceiling mean that lighting will turn of automatically. These units register movement and will keep the lights on in a particular area and shut down after 15-20mins.

Gas & Power Energy Company

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Big Projects


Relocatable / Dismountable Partitioning Essential service for most offices BC Interiors, offer a wide range of partitioning systems. These cover all the demands of a modern office conforming to fire regulation, and sound attenuation. BC Interiors offer a range of re-locatable partitioning systems and complimentary products, a diverse choice of performance solutions for fitting out the internal envelope in a wide range of interior environments.

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