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No matter how complex the problem with your landline telephone or data network may be, you can be sure that Teleco Solutions Technician will be able to solve it. With an affordably priced, fast and reliable service just a call away, what more could you ask for?

Fully trained accredited telephone & broadband services in London


Landline Phone Extension Relocation

At Teleco Solutions we can create the ideal solutions for your communications in London. We can fit or reline or relocate your new or existing phone master sockets to make sure your business or home is running how you want it.

Data cabling

Structured Cabling & Networking

If you are looking for faster data connections and the very best in wiring and data connections across London then Teleco Solutions Ltd are your ideal answer. We are accredited data installation Engineers and have experienced most issues regarding your connections.

Voip phones

VOIP, Hosted Cloud systems

At Teleco Solutions Ltd we can offer and set up a brand new VOIP Phone System. VOIP is the ideal solution to keep connected wherever you are. More than one office, not a problem as we can get all calls transferred through without any issues at all.

fault finding

Telephone Fault finding & Issue fixing

Do you have a telecom problem and tired of trying to find out the answer. Well at Teleco Solutions Ltd we have crafted our expertise over many years with BT to quickly find your problem and deal with effectively and to make it cost effective. Telephone Fault

I need an engineer to come to my premises to fix a phone line fault. Do I have to pay for this visit?

If an engineer is required

For most engineer visits, there’s no charge. For instance, the call out charge doesn’t apply if the engineer is already coming to your premises to carry out other work. However, there may be a charge if an engineer is called out for a fault you could potentially fix yourself, for example if there’s a fault with the phone equipment in your premises.

So please check your own connections and equipment carefully before arranging a visit by an engineer. For pricing information, go to the BT Price List.

What happens if my engineer appointment is missed?

How can I change the engineer appointment for my phone line or broadband fault? 

When will you come and fix my fault?

Engineer Repair Charge

Where a reported fault is found to be on a BT product or service which is under a service guarantee or is covered by a maintenance or rental agreement, BT will respond to repair the fault, or replace the faulty equipment, in accordance with the terms of the maintenance or rental agreement or service guarantee. A charge will apply where BT agrees to carry out work at specific times which are not covered within the terms of the maintenance or rental agreement or service guarantee and where the fault is found not to be with any BT service or equipment. In particular this covers a situation where:

  • No fault is found.
  • The fault is found to be on non-BT equipment.
  • The fault is due to damage caused by someone at the customer’s premises.
  • The fault is due to theft, loss or removal of equipment.
  • In the case of customer owned or rented equipment (but not BT’s network), faults caused by damage by external or environmental factors (e.g. lightning, electrical surges or floods).

Our prices
You’ll find full up-to-date details of all charges within the Broadband terms and conditions.

Broadband Engineer Repair frequently asked questions:

Why are you charging me to fix a fault?

BT Business will respond to a fault report from you, or your representative, and fix that fault free of charge where the fault is on the BT Network or covered by a separate contract. If we send an engineer, we will charge you when:

  • The fault is not caused by fair wear and tear. For example, a cable being cut, a power surge, equipment unplugged or not being used correctly.
  • The fault is caused by equipment not covered by a maintenance contract. For example, a telephone or a router.
  • You, or your representative, requests a visit and no fault is found.

Why are you charging me when I did not cause the fault?

BT Business is responsible for faults caused by fair wear and tear on the BT Network or on equipment covered by a separate maintenance contract. Other faults aren’t the responsibility of BT Business and we will charge for these through your normal billing system at our published rates.

Examples of such causes are:

  • Cables being cut or frayed.
  • Damage being caused during a break in to your premises.
  • Damage being caused by fire or flood.
  • Sockets being damaged.
  • Sockets becoming damp due to flood, spillage or exposure to high levels of steam.
  • Damage to equipment within your premises caused by lightning or power surges. We would encourage our customers to ensure that their property insurance covers such instances.

Why are you charging me when you did not find a fault?

Where you request an engineering visit despite our test and diagnostic showing no problems on the service, we will charge you if the engineer finds the service to be operating correctly.

Why is the charge so high?

Our charges are published in our terms and conditions charges schedule. Our suppliers charge us for each visit. To give you more certainty of the costs which may be incurred, BT Business charges a flat rate covering the visit.

Why was I not told about the charge?

BT Business charges for repair work on a small number of fault reports. Therefore, we don’t advise customers on every fault report that they may be charged. However, when you report a problem we will try to determine whether a charge may be applicable or not. Where we believe a charge may be applicable we will advise you. Where there is no indication that a charge may be appropriate (for example, the problem has been caused by damage that wasn’t mentioned at the time of the report) we may not have advised you of a possible charge.